Hidden Point Charter Services


The BVI’s Best Charter Service Provider.

Our dynamic management team consists of a mother & daughter duo. Ms. Aurie Lettsome, our Office Manager, Captain Lulu and her diverse team compass over 17 plus years of combined experience in the Service and Charter Industry within the British Virgin Islands.

Join us, as we drop anchor, experience and uncover the hidden treasures in the BVI with HiddenPoint Charter Services, D’s Nautical Leisure!

"From Our Hidden Point, D’s Nautical Leisure is Simply the Best."

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Quick Story

Meet our team

Captain Lulu

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Aurie Lettsome

Introducing to you our office manager, Aurie. As a former research librarian responsible for the local history collection, Aurie has a wealth of knowledge on everything Virgin Islands to help curate your experience while vacationing. Consider Aurie your personal tour guide as she can provide you with a never ending list of things to do. Aurie has over 20 years experience in the service and management industry and we are very honored to have such an asset on our team.)

First Mates -Chookie

Hey everyone, this is Chookie our first mate aboard Beluga II. Chookie is tasked with ensuring that your trip is filled with long lasting memories while ensuring your comfort and safety is of utmost priority. Equipped with over 3 years of experience, Chookie is well versed with knowledge of the various islands that encompass the Virgin Islands.)